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Business Tips
June 13, 2017

How To Launch A Successful Personal Training Business – Like A Boss

For those who are ready to begin their career as a fitness trainer, we’d love to provide some advice on how to launch your personal training business successfully. Thankfully the personal training industry and its client market have been rapidly growing; however, this means more competition for the newbies who…
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Business TipsClient RetentionFitness Apps
May 2, 2017

Make Sure Your Personal Training Clients Are Sleeping Well

There is nothing worse than going to the gym for your scheduled fitness appointment completely fatigued. Everyone knows sleep is essential to starting off the day right, so make sure your personal training clients are sleeping well before they meet up with you. Every personal trainer is aware that sleep…
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female using workout app to train
Fitness Apps
April 17, 2017

Our Favorite Workout Apps to Share with Fitness Clients

Are your clients feeling less motivated, lost and unfocused on the days that you don't train them? There's an app for that! Actually, there are plenty of apps for that. We're going to recommend just a few of our favorite workout apps we believe you should share with your fitness…
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personal training and customer retention
Client Retention
March 24, 2017

Customer Retention: Keep Them Coming Back by Caring for Them

Empathy will be one of your main factors when it comes to customer retention. If you don’t genuinely care for your clients and their results, you’re definitely in the wrong industry. You’re a personal trainer, which means fitness and health are supposed to be your main passions in life; demonstrate…
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Business Tips
February 23, 2017

How to Get More Personal Training Clients

The number one question independent trainers continue to ask is, “What is the best way to get more personal training clients?” You’re amazing at what you do (you have the abs and glutes to prove it), you have all your entrepreneurial processes setup in place, and you even launched your…
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Business TipsClient Retention
January 16, 2017

Three Tips to Keep Your Clients Motivated (Business Retention)

You’re a personal trainer, a fitness coach, a workout whisperer - So, it’s a huge part of your job to keep your clients motivated; otherwise, they would save the money they’re shelling out on you, haul their tushes to the gym themselves, and easily self-train their way to 6 pack…
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Business Tips
December 21, 2016

Apply Your Clients’ Fitness Habits to Your Business Practice

You’re constantly telling your clients to set small goals, to maintain discipline when it comes to temptation and overcome gluttony, and to stop making excuses and set aside time for high priority goals... Well it’s time you start practicing what you preach and apply these principles to your business, because…
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Business Tips
November 12, 2016

3 Reasons Why FitPal Will Help You Relax

1. Gives Your Clients The Option To Schedule Appointments With You Quickly Let's face it, you're busy, and your clients are probably busy people too. Sometimes a phone call just takes up too much time. You'd rather spend that working with your clients or fitting in some errands into your…
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October 24, 2016

Three Must-Read Books for Every Independent Trainer

You’re the one who gets paid to motivate, inspire, and coach people. The irony is, who’s going to do that for you? Unless you’re blessed with a mentor; motivation, inspiration and guidance will have to come from within. You’ve been at the gym all week working on that body, but…
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Business Tips
September 21, 2016

Three Tips on Gaining Clients + Building Your Business

So, you got tired of working for a gym, decided to take that leap and work for yourself… Good for you, and congratulations!! It takes courage, faith and self-motivation to do what you’re doing and we want to help you out by offering a 3 tips on growing your personal…
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