Empathy will be one of your main factors when it comes to customer retention. If you don’t genuinely care for your clients and their results, you’re definitely in the wrong industry. You’re a personal trainer, which means fitness and health are supposed to be your main passions in life; demonstrate this to each of your clients, and you’ll have them locked in with you for the long haul.

Teach a Man to Fish, Don’t Just Spot Him and Cheer Him On

Not quite the saying, but we’ll explain. Your clients will respect and appreciate you more if you train them in a manner that enables them to pursue fitness without you. At first, this advice sounds counterproductive; why would a client continue to stay with you if you set them up to train independently? Because your job is to stimulate their desire to workout so that their motivation comes from within. The more self-motivated they are, the more they will want to continue training – with you! Because, you’re the expert, not them. Your clients don’t want to put together workout regimens and Google which exercises will work best for their body goals, they need you to do that. So, don’t just spot your clients, cheer them on, and tell them they did a great job, especially when you know they didn’t. Teach them how to change their mindset, inspire them to change their attitude, and train them so that they can see and feel results. Remember it’s your job to keep them motivated!

Don’t Limit Your Clients Because of Your Limitations

There are so many different tools that can be used to work each and every muscle; now, although you may be the King of Dumbbells or the Queen of Kettlebells, what happens when your client absolutely hates dumbbell and kettlebell exercises? Learn to train with a variety of equipment and methods, this allows you to cater to diverse personalities, different ages and clients with specific health and joint issues. Mold your workouts to the needs of your client, regardless of what your preferred or favourite methods are for yourself.

To be successful, one must truly care, have passion and take action. In your case, you must genuinely care about your clients’ needs and take action to cater to them. It’s a no-brainer that your clients will fall in love with your services and how you treat them when you put lots of TLC into your personal training business – And, guess what? Those word-of-mouth referrals will start coming in because of it. Those are just a couple of tips on how to improve and increase your customer retention.