Are your clients feeling less motivated, lost and unfocused on the days that you don’t train them? There’s an app for that! Actually, there are plenty of apps for that. We’re going to recommend just a few of our favorite workout apps we believe you should share with your fitness clients.

Show your clients you care by introducing them to workout apps that will help them stay on top of their fitness game on the days they’re not training with you. After all, you are their main source of motivation, therefore, you should always be equipping them with information and tools that will help them achieve their fitness goals.


Brought to you by Under Armour, this workout app allows users to log over 600 different types of  exercises. From running to cycling, cross training to yoga, and so much more, MapMyFitness has the largest selection of fitness activities and workout routines in comparison to other apps. Users can record GPS-based workouts, which also provides voice feedback for that extra boost of motivation.

Why we love it…
You can sync your account with other apps such as MyFitnessPal and Google Fit
24/7 Activity Graph – The ability to connect to over 400 different devices so that you can see all of your activities in one simple graph

Workout Trainer by Skimble

This  workout app is great for those clients who simply cannot train without a coach. It offers a plethora of exercises that not only have professional visual instructions, but also allows users to select between the different styles of virtual trainers which can coach and motivate them with step-by-step audio. With a library of over a thousand workouts and training programs, the vast selection Workout Trainer has will allow your clients to either use the app at home when choosing to use bodyweight, or to use it as their virtual personal trainer when they want to pump iron at the gym.

Why we love it…
Users can edit, create and share a variety of workout routines with the apps massive community of over 20 million users
– The free version offers thousands of videos (with ads, of course)


For your clients who are rapidly progressing and primarily focus on bodybuilding and strength training, this workout app is for them. JEFIT is loaded with over a thousand workout plans that come with detailed instructions and a resting timer/auto-starting timer. Users can target specific body parts, log and track their progress, and customize their perfect gym routine.

Why we love it:
Incredibly easy and effective to use for both beginners and pros
– Offers hundreds of pre-made workout routines for those who hate planning

Many personal trainers choose to avoid sharing workout apps with their clients due to the fear of being replaced by virtual trainers. Don’t be scared and keep in mind that there’s a huge difference in being coached in-person by a fitness expert versus an artificially-intelligent device. As helpful as these apps are, they’re not you and they’ll never be able to correct form, provide steady and appropriate guidance, be there to readily answer questions and offer sincere support.

Don’t feel intimidated, have confidence in your profession, and go above and beyond for your fitness clients by introducing them to these helpful workout apps that are simply tools to be used on the days that you aren’t tending to them. Your clients will appreciate the genuine care and concern that you have for them and their fitness goals.