There is nothing worse than going to the gym for your scheduled fitness appointment completely fatigued. Everyone knows sleep is essential to starting off the day right, so make sure your personal training clients are sleeping well before they meet up with you.

Every personal trainer is aware that sleep is completely vital to muscle repair and growth, plus overall health. However, your clients may not be aware of the fact that, regardless of them going hard like a beast during their sessions with you, not getting enough sleep will have a direct negative impact on their results. That is precisely why, along with keeping your clients motivated, structuring their workout routines and providing them nutritional information, it is part of your job to consistently advise your clients to maintain proper sleeping habits.

Most of us know that the average adult needs to get no less than 7 hours of sleep each evening, with some people, depending on their health, requiring up to 11 hours of sleep to be able to function the next day. Waking up on the wrong side of the bed can lead to brain fog, weight gain, and mood swings, so keep your clients happy and healthy and help them make sleep a priority by offering some of the following tips.

Set a Bedtime Alarm

Just like we set alarms to wake up, it is actually quite effective to set an alarm to remind us to go to sleep, as it helps us to make it a habit. Sometimes we may get caught up with Netflix binging, among other late-night activities, causing us to lose track of time and leaving us to realize, only when it’s too late – literally, that we have 4 hours to start our day. Setting a reminder one hour in advance to when we need to go sleep is a great way to get us in the habit of preparing for bedtime each night.

Use a Sleeping Tracking App or Device

Once we master going to sleep at the right time, what matters most is ensuring that we actually stay asleep. It is absolutely crucial that we receive enough deep sleep, the third sleeping stage where blood is redirected from the brain to the muscles, and REM sleep, the fourth stage which is important for memory, concentration and cognitive processing. The best way to ensure this is to track sleeping patterns. Advise your clients about fitness trackers that offer a sleep mode or recommend one of the various smartphone apps for tracking sleep habits, our personal favorite is MotionX-24/7. These tools record total sleep time, and how much restful sleep and restless sleep you receive. Some of them even record audio to inform you if snoring or sleep talking is negatively affecting any of your sleep stages.

Set Your Sleep Environment

Dark, quiet and cool is how you’ll want to keep your room set for optimal sleep. Most of us love a toasty room to sleep in, however, sleep experts recommend that we should keep our temperatures anywhere between 15-19°C or 60-67°F to ensure it’s sleep-friendly. Keep as much outside light from creeping in through your windows and definitely avoid watching television and using electronic devices right before going to sleep.

Sharing these tips with your clients will ensure customer retention for your personal training business because you’re demonstrating that you genuinely care about them by going above and beyond to helping them reach their fitness goals. Plus, it will help you, because who wants to deal with cranky clients?

Remember, sleep is not a luxury, just like air and water, it is truly a necessity for optimal health. Remind your fitness clients to catch those Zs without letting them slip away.